“A Large Family”

L’Oiseau Bleu presents “A Large Family”/ “Une Grande Famille”, an enjoyable 45 minutes bilingual one-woman show suitable for children and families.

Written and performed by Stéphanie Fribourg and directed by Natalie Royer.

How was the world created? Where do the seasons come from?
Why was the sea between Crete and Greece named Aegean? The ancient Greeks had very precise answers to the many questions about their world, sometimes quite complex. This show puts them on stage, easy to grasp!

The narrator, Zeus’ great, great, great… great‐grand‐daughter, reveals the ancient Greeks secrets through fantastic stories about her large family, demystifying the myths in a fun and sparkling 45 minutes tour de force, that translates Greek mythology in a French/English spectacle for kids:

Genesis of the world, birth of the gods, the beginnings of Olympus, and also the origin of the seasons, the athenian legends of Deadalus and Icarus escaping the Labyrinth, of Theseus killing the Minotaur, of Ariadne and her red thread, « the vital clue »…

“Pre” and “Post” programs:

In order to enable greater understanding of the subject , L’Oiseau Bleu collaborates with teachers and offers “pre” and “post” programs. At the end of the performance, students will also have the opportunity to participate to a Q&A.